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About Sanhe

A manufacturer certified by BV, SGS, SEDEX, LFGB, ETL, BSCI and FDA.




About Sanhe
QuZhou SanHe is a tent design, development, production, sales, outdoor supporting equipment as one of the company.total area of more than 15,000 square meters,The company is equipped with professional Production and product RESEARCH and development design team, perfect organizational structure, with business department, finance department, design department, technology department, production department and after-sales service and other related functional

More than 300 employees,there are 30 technicians,The company continues to develop new products to meet the higher needs of customers,Use new materials and other materials to help improve the market competitiveness of products.





About products

The Company Mainy production “Tent “,” canopy “,” mat “,” hammock “,” outdoor air cushion “,” outdoor sponge pad “,” outdoor pillow ” and other tourist supplies,With the rapid development of chinese market, 2020 Year output value was 70 Million, 2021 year raise of 42.8% in a half year, 2021 Year reach 120 Million Yuan.

The products are exported to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Japan,South Korea and other countries and regions. For example, Linyoutong in Shenzhen (China’s top five cross-border e-commerce), Youdu in Xiamen (a listed company on the new third board), combi in Japan,the california beach co ltd in USA etc.





About Designing

In order to ensure the long-term and sustainable development of the company, the company has established a perfect talent training mechanism. At the same time, it also signed an off campus practice base with the “JiangSu Academy of fine arts” industrial design colleges,Every year, stable talents will be imported to our company.The company is equipped with advanced product laboratory and outdoor rain testing areas. The product laboratory includes niuli tensile tester, hydraulic tester, anti splash test rack, standard light source box,Color fastness friction tester, etc.




Our success and company history.

2017 year


Formerly located in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, the company established Yiwu Sanhe outdoor

Mainly in product development, in addition to some partial orders, the annual output value of 3 million

2018 year

In 2018:

The company moved to Quzhou, Zhejiang and established the first Quzhou Sanhe outdoor

Plant area of 3000 square meters with 50 employees annual output value of 8 million

127 samples were produced throughout the year

The order quantity is 68

2019 year

In 2019:

The factory area is 6000 square meters with 75 employees. The annual output value is 29 million yuan

The annual order quantity is 111

There are 164 customer samples

Participated in the Shanghai Baby Pregnancy Exhibition

2020 year


It has 105 staff members

The plant area is 14,000 square meters

The annual order volume is 81 million and the output value is 72 million

The annual order quantity is 151

140 samples of different styles

2021 year

In 2021:

This year we set up a Jiangxi branch factory

Supported exclusive outsourcing factories

An external liaison team was set up.

It has a total staff of 260

There are 240 foreign contractors

The annual order volume is 145 million and the output value is 110 million

2022 year

QuZhou SanHe has 450 employees and an estimated annual output value of 180 million yuan